PHP 7 Calendar Functions

The following section contains a list of useful PHP calendar functions.

PHP Calendar Functions

The following calendar functions are the part of the PHP core so you can use these functions within your script without any further installation.

Function Description
cal_days_in_month() Returns the number of days in a month for a specified year and calendar
cal_from_jd() Converts a Julian Day Count into a date of the specified calendar
cal_info() Returns information about a specified calendar
cal_to_jd() Converts a date in a specified calendar to Julian Day Count
easter_date() Returns the Unix timestamp for midnight on Easter of the given year
easter_days() Returns the number of days after March 21 on which Easter falls for a given year
frenchtojd() Converts a date from the French Republican Calendar to a Julian Day Count
gregoriantojd() Converts a Gregorian date to a Julian Day Count
jddayofweek() Returns the day of the week
jdmonthname() Returns a month name
jdtofrench() Converts a Julian Day Count to a French Republican date
jdtogregorian() Converts Julian Day Count to Gregorian date
jdtojewish() Converts a Julian day count to a Jewish calendar date
jdtojulian() Converts a Julian Day Count to a Julian Calendar Date
jdtounix() Convert Julian Day to Unix timestamp
jewishtojd() Converts a date in the Jewish Calendar to Julian Day Count
juliantojd() Converts a Julian Calendar date to Julian Day Count
unixtojd() Convert Unix timestamp to Julian Day
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