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PHP chunk_split() Function

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The chunk_split() function splits a string into smaller chunks or parts.

This function does not modify the original string, it simply returns the chunked string.

The following table summarizes the technical details of this function.

Return Value: Returns the chunked string.
Version: PHP 4+


The basic syntax of the chunk_split() function is given with:

chunk_split(string, length, separator);

The following example shows the chunk_split() function in action.

// Sample string
$str = "airplane";

/* Returns a string with a period symbol 
placed after every two characters */
echo chunk_split($str, 2, ".");


The chunk_split() function accepts the following parameters.

Parameter Description
string Required. Specifies the string to be chunked.
length Optional. Specifies the chunk length in number. Default is 76
separator Optional. Specifies a string to be placed at the end of each chunk. Default is \r\n

More Examples

Here're some more examples showing how chunk_split() function actually works:

If chunk length is greater than the length of the string, then separator is inserted at the end.

// Sample string
$str = "alligator";

// Splitting string into chunks
echo chunk_split($str, 15, "_#_");

If you want string without the separator at the end you could do something like this:

// Sample string
$str = "alligator";

// Removing the last string added
echo substr(chunk_split($str, 2, "_#_"), 0, -3)."<br>";
echo substr(chunk_split($str, 2, "."), 0, -1);
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