CSS3 Miscellaneous

In this tutorial we'll learn about few more interesting CSS3 features.

Extending User Interface with CSS3

In this chapter we'll discuss about some interesting user interface related CSS3 properties like resize, outline-offset, etc. that you can use to enhance your web pages.

Resizing Elements

You can make an element resizable horizontally, vertically or on both directions with the CSS3 resize property. However, this property is typically used to remove the default resizable behavior form the <textarea> form control.

  • p, div, textarea {
  •     width: 300px;
  •     min-height: 100px;
  •     overflow: auto;
  •     border: 1px solid black;
  • }
  • p {
  •    resize: horizontal; 
  • }
  • div {
  •     resize: both;
  • }
  • textarea {
  •     resize: none;
  • }

Setting Outline Offset

In the previous section you've learnt how to set different properties for outlines like width, color and styles. However, CSS3 offer one more property outline-offset for setting the space between an outline and the border edge of an element. This property can accepts negative value that means you can also place outline inside an element.

  • p, div {
  •     margin: 50px;
  •     height: 100px;
  •     background: #000;
  •     outline: 2px solid red;
  • }
  • p {
  •     outline-offset: 10px;
  • }
  • div {
  •     outline-offset: -15px;
  • }

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